An illustrated meditating female on a pink background reading a newspaper.

The New York Times

Marketing the International Newspaper

An image of a Rolls-Royce Phantom with a ceramic rose above it, set against a black background.

Rolls-Royce experiences

Crafting unforgettable moments

In a 3-D rendering of a square speech bubble in orange on a cream background, multiple speech bubbles emanate from the central motif rendered out of glass.

Intelligent Times

The New York Times & Intelligence2 event series in London

A barn owl wearing glasses with blue eyes against a blue moonlit night sky.

Ted Baker Eyewear

Unconventional vision, distinctive campaigns

A black background features a gold sculpture of various items, including musical instruments, buttons, and a TV monitor.

Adobe Audition

Empowering creative audio editing

Ted Baker's annual report is presented as a bathroom scale, with a rotating disc built into the cover. The book is orange, sitting on a light grey background. The copy line read keeking the brand healthy.

Ted Baker Annual Reports

A tale of health and ascent

This is an architectural rendering of a Ted Baker store featuring colourful windows and paintings of Ted Baker products on colourful walls.

Ted Baker Stores

Each a custom locale-infused design

A sofa wrapped in blue tissue paper and a coffee table wrapped in pink tissue paper.


Redefining traditional gift lists

Edinburgh International Book Festival walkway branded by the New York Times reading in copy line: 'The world is yours to read.'

The New York Times

Sponsor the Edinburgh International Book Festival