Revolutionising the wedding gift list through an innovative advertising approach.

The Habitat wedding gift list is a unique product that relies on two fundamental benefits. Firstly, a group of friends and family can give towards one big item, and secondly, there is an additional 10% incentive on the total gift list account.

Our challenge was creating a concept that could do equal justice to both benefits. We needed to come up with a visual that could illustrate the idea of group buying for larger items and draw the viewer to the 10% offer.

We showed the larger and smaller items elegantly wrapped in a single colour of tissue paper. This powerful visual essence of the Habitat wedding gift list was all tied together by this tissue, and their chosen colour denoted the extra 10% from Habitat.

For each shoot, I first created foamboard scaled models of the chosen selection of items, ensuring their visual harmony and the proportional worth of the smaller to the more significant item.

It is a truly original way for couples to claim a significant gift from their loved ones and a little something extra from Habitat.

Photographer: Kevin Summers.

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An advertisement for Habitat's wedding gift service is displayed in the picture. The image shows a bed wrapped in purple tissue paper and a bedside table wrapped in red tissue paper. The ad includes text in purple that reads, "One big gift for you" and text in red that reads, "A little something extra from us."
An advertisement for Habitat's wedding gift service shows a sofa wrapped in blue tissue paper and a coffee table wrapped in pink tissue paper. The statement in blue, matching the couch, reads "One big gift for you," while the statement in pink text reads "A little something extra from us.