The event identity speech bubble is surrounded by multiple versions made from glass.

Intelligent Times

Shaping a London event series identity through collaboration with Intelligent Squared and The New York Times.

As part of the NYT London studio, I was asked to design the ‘Intelligent Times’ event series identity for The New York Times (in collaboration with Intelligent Squared) to bring New York Times content to the UK through live events, boosting brand awareness and subscriptions.

The challenge was to create an identity that would work seamlessly across live events, print, and online. A set of characterful illustrations for each event ensured that the series would never look the same and kept The New York Times and Intelligent Squared fans engaged.

My contribution to the event series was the creation of a square speech bubble design, which served as a versatile emblem across all events. This design was adapted to suit the subject matter of each event. I was instrumental in creating animations for on-screen and on-stage visuals and three-dimensional assets for all print and digital media. The success of this design was evident in the series of sold-out events that took place in the prestigious auditoriums of central London.

About project
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An advertisement for the Intelligent Times event, "Breaking the Harvey Weinstein Story" by The New York Times, featuring a square speech bubble.
An advertisement for the New York Times' Intelligent Times event on the future of news featuring a square speech bubble and other social media icons.
The advertisement created for the Intelligent Times William Dafoe event features a square speech bubble shaped like a film camera.
William Dafoe is on stage at the Intelligent Times event. "Intelligent Times" is the branding displayed on the screen.
A photo of New York Times reporters signing their book in front of the Intelligent Times event identity.
Pamphlets displaying graphics of Intelligent Times events lie on seats, shot from above.