Ted Baker Stores

Creating unique retail environments, influenced by local narratives, ensures each location delivers a compelling and distinctive brand experience.

Honing the design narrative for many Ted Baker stores around the world. Each displays a bespoke expression of its surroundings.

Our task? Conveying wit with local relevance epitomises Ted Baker’s inimitable brand identity. We created a plethora of design elements: store windows, wallpapers, screens, installations, printed collateral and a raft of other numerous design elements.

I partnered intimately with interior designers, delving into the 2D facets of their design process. This partnership saw the transition from ideas to 2D hoardings, wallpapers and printed collateral and their seamless translation to 3D objects, emanating as neon signs, laser-cut screens and meticulously hand-painted Walzer seats.

The result? A catalogue of widely different stores worldwide, each liberated from the yoke of uniformity. Each instead hails as a free and eminently bespoke resident of its local geography, each promising its shoppers an educative, engaging and unforgettable tour of the brand and seamlessly speaking of Britishness, playfulness, wit and quality in the resolutely Ted way.

About project
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A fitting room in a Ted Baker store was designed using spilt red wine inspired by the Adelaide wine region in Australia.
A fitting room featuring a mirrored repeat pattern of a wine spill and a red curtain.
A man carrying a bag, wearing red on a cream background, has the words "A Tale of Two Cities" overlaid vertically in gold print.
 The book cover features a red design constructed from wine spills with gold foil on top. The copy is styled like a wine description.

Adelaide store is inspired by the wine region.

A rose design was created using circles inspired by Reni Macintosh.
A bird made of multiple circles on a black background with visible construction lines.
A circular design featuring a tree, bell, and fish motif in neon lights at a Ted Baker store.
A Ted Baker store with a prominent rose inspired by Reni Mackintosh in a wide-angle shot.
A Ted Baker store in Glasgow has a cash desk that reflects the city's landmarks and a yellow map overlay.
A rotated cutout of the Armadillo building in Glasgow, Scotland, creates a fan-like pattern.

Glasgow store was inspired by all the Scottish inventors, Rennie Mackintosh, the Glasgow buildings and coat of arms, which tell the story. There’s the tree that never grew, the bird that never flew, the fish that never swam, and the bell that never rang.

Black and white images of various fairground rides overlaid with yellow and red lights.
A Ted Baker store features two waltzer seats hand-painted in an ornate red and green typographic design.
The fitting room wallpaper has reflective mirrors on either side, repeating the pattern of a fairground ride. The red and orange lights are overlaid with a golden horn in the corner.

Orlando, Florida, is inspired by fairgrounds.