Ted Baker
Annual Reports

Artfully capturing stability in 2016/17 and ascent in 2014/15 through unique designs, these reports and accounts make a lasting impression.

In shaping Ted Baker’s 2016/17 reports and accounts, the central focus was undeniable — to safeguard the health of the brand for the long term. A year of unwavering consistency, the design narrative had to reflect that integrity in the brand’s strategic pursuit of brand stability.

Not just another year of numerical celebration, this brief led the design to a deeper incision of the business itself and the striving of their best for health, sustainability and entrepreneurialism, entirely in the Ted way.

With an interactive cover in a bathroom scale design featuring an embedded rotating disk, we delivered an appealing tactile element. I employed a minimalist aesthetic, selecting only a single Pantone colour to reduce print costs. I also created all illustrations independently to ensure a consistent visual narrative.

The report intelligently packs a brand’s unwavering dedication to health, stability and entrepreneurialism in Ted through an interactive design that reinforces its brand innovation. The embedded rotating disk is a creative touch, providing all stakeholders with an engaging insight into a truly unique brand.

About project
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An animated GIF of the annual report in the shape of a bathroom scale is shown spinning. It features copy lines like "you are what you pleat" and "sewing the extra mile."
A scuba diver gives the okay sign inside a washing symbol, symbolising a 30°C wash. With the copy line diving into the numbers.  White colour illustration on an orange background
This is an illustration of an apple core with two faces in profile depicting the core. The copy reads 'teamwork at our core'—a white illustration on an orange background.
An illustration of a watch with an exercise belt as the strap. Pick up the line reads: time flies when you're having fun—white colour illustration on an orange background.
An illustration of a sports drink bottle in the shape of a dress.
An illustration of a pear, seen from the back, wearing a bikini top.
An illustration of a knife and a fork within the negative space shows a silhouette of a woman.

Ted's Great Ascent

The 2014/15 report and accounts tell the story of Ted Baker’s remarkable ascent throughout the period. 

The challenge was to visually articulate the brand’s share price ascent in a way that transcended the generic boundaries of financial documents and created an artefact that exemplified the adventurous spirit and fundamental brand values of Ted Baker.

The design took the form of a book on mountain climbing, aiming for a purely symbolic representation. The vacuum-packed report unravelled like a map, a French fold binding giving it a tactile, exploratory edge. The cover featured a hybrid of climbing wall holds and buttons, intentionally steering clear of the expected. I meticulously art-directed product shots to communicate boldness and innovation. The result narrates a brand rooted in an audacious ascent and relentless commitment to innovation that lives in stakeholders’ hearts. 

As a result, the reports transcend their standing as financial documents and are instead vivid narratives of Ted Baker’s journey. They leverage creative storytelling, impactful visuals and the power to engage stakeholders through unconventional designs.

About project
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A picture of Ted Baker's annual report with a French fold visible from the side.
A miniature model of a man rowing a boat across a globe is depicted alongside a world map graphic and a breakdown of Ted Baker's annual report results.
A miniature model of a rock climber is climbing up a zipper on a jacket.
A group of miniature model climbers are scaling the sole of a Ted Baker boot.
In the background, a pink Ted Baker bag is on a light green backdrop, and miniature model rock climbers are scaling cotton reels.