The New York Times

Elevating global perspectives through art direction of illustrations for the international newspaper’s weekly and weekend editions.

The creation of illustrations for The New York Times weekly and weekend editions, working closely with The New York Times’s in-house team and illustrators Miguel Ángel Camprubí and Natasha Baumgärtner. We aimed to enhance the global newspaper’s visual storytelling.

Crafting versatile illustrations for the weekly paper presented a unique challenge, and the weekend edition required a bespoke approach to underscore the succinct nature of the Saturday paper. Ensuring our illustrations were legible across multiple formats as they appeared in online banners and newspaper adverts.

We overcame these with a two-pronged approach: for weekdays, a set of illustrations was realised where scale was utilised to highlight The New York Times’s impact. For weekends, each illustration was informed by its copy and was used to highlight benefits such as “lightens the load” and “gets to the point”. 

These were iterative processes filled with open dialogue and idea refinement, with the upshot being images that worked as well, cropped tall as wide. Our solutions elevated the paper’s visual identity and its ongoing proof that working with collaborative creativity yielded the most impactful results.

About project
Close expanded view
An illustration of someone meditating while reading a newspaper. The copy reads "The Weekend Paper that Weighs Every Word."
An illustration of a person holding a newspaper with pages that resemble birds flying out. The copy reads, "The Weekend Paper that Lightens the Load." An advertisement for the New York Times printed edition.
A green illustration depicts someone skateboarding while reading a newspaper with the copy line "The weekend paper that gets to the point" in an advertisement for the New York Times.

Miguel Ángel Camprubí for The New York Times

An illustration of the New York Times with a leaf image on the front cover, a diverse group of people standing around the monolithic paper. Green and white colour palette.
An illustration on the cover of New York Times showing three people standing on each other's shoulders, looking at a picture of a satellite.
An illustration of the New York Times with a person opening in the lower corner. A blue and white colour palette and pictures of waves are on the cover.
This is an illustration of the New York Times, with a picture of mountains on the paper and two people standing in front of it. It uses a red and white colour palette.
On the cover of the New York Times, a yellow and white colour palette is used. The image depicts a graph, with people on a ladder and others sitting on top, holding parts of the graph.
An illustration of the New York Times on the cover shows a picture of a swimming pool, and people are diving into it.

Natasha Baumgärtnerfor The New York Times